The Hungry Hen


If you’re new to the hen house, then let me explain what we’re crowin’ about here.The Hungry Hen is broken down into quite a few categories. These Categories are still under construction so please be patient until we can get articles tucked in.



Crazy About Canning & Preserving Food — Canning and Preserving Food Information. Recipes & More.



Mine v/s Theirs Whenever I find a recipe that temps my beak, I try it out. If it tickled my feathers, I try it again, only this time, I scratch into it, making it my own. I always list the original recipe – I encourage everyone to try the original—but then I list mine and how I changed it up. IF you went even further, throw us a line or two in the comments. Crow about what ya did!


Veggie Recipes — If it contains a Vegetable, then we stash that bad boy here.



Bread Recipes



Meat Recipes



Cakes & Desserts





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