It’s all about them Chickens


Chickens 101

So you’re thinkin’ about gettin’ ya some chickens. Well then, all I can say, is be prepared to get hen-pecked. No joke. Chickens have taken flight and managed to roost right in midst of our hearts. It’s the latest biggest thing for thousands who never imagined they would, could or even should. But for others, well, we were already hen pecked and sucker punched from a very young age.

Hopefully, some of these articles will help ya whether you are just startin’ out or rockin’ it like a Boss.

Either way, there may be a chicken coming to a house near you. Why? Because chickens have coined the term backyard ever so recently, and because of that, there are now a gazillion articles, tips and tricks to be had out there on the big ol’ internet. You’ll find lots of differences in opinions and all I can say is, enjoy them as you will hopefully dig mine, all because whether we like it or not, there’s a new craze in town and that’s the backyard chicken.

Keep in mind, though, that these articles on my blog, are just my own personal scraps and tidbits of chicken scratch. Things I learned the hard way, the easy way, or the ah-ha way. Things still give me a migraine or a hen-gasm. Everyday there is something new or a reminder of what I better not forget. In honor of that, I’m throwing down everything I know, everything I’ve screwed up and everything I will, from here on out, hope to figure out — because everyday, no matter how much of a Chicken-Diva you are, we all learn something new.

If you are about to jump on that same bandwagon of chicken-luuuuurve—  then I hope these little tidbits help . . . (If the article is finished, the title will be linked.)

 Starting Out: What Are Your Goals? Deciding what you want when you are thinking about getting chickens. Will they be pets? Egg layers? And more things to check out and consider….

 Free Range, Tractor or Coop? Whats the big debate concerning free ranged chickens? What are Chicken Tractors or will is a Coop the best way to go for you?

To Cull or not to Cull — That Tis the Question. It’s a difficult decision but one we all have to make.

More on Coops–Designs & Such! Where you can get free Coop ideas, plans, tips, etc.

 Baby Chics or Full Grown Hens? What is best and what you need for both?

Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys on Critical Watch Lists : Could Popular breeds be endanger of extinction? Why do breeds exist anyway? What were they created for? How could irresponsible breeding or backyard breeding play a role in these “Watch Lists”?

 To Roo or Not to Roo? The pros and cons concerning Roosters and if you decide to have one, things to look out for or to expect.

 Predators How they have made my life hell and will yours. Great resources on certain ones, signs of what kind you have, and more.

 Where to Buy & Research Links — Links are always kept in the articles they pertain to and the right menu, just scroll down from any article or the homepage.


(Based on what I’ve raised, how they lay, handle the cold, act socially, health issues, egg size and more.)

 Polish Chickens

 Rhode Island Reds


 Bantam Cochin

 Red Sex-links

 Barred Rocks




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