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I’ve got a big beak — ah, I mean, mouth. If I know it, am doing it, have tried it — then rest assured, I’m gonna cluck or crow about it. The cluck or crow will depend on how much it blew my mind or how bad it let me down. winks

In all seriousness, though, (yeah, I can be serious when I wanna), The Crowin’ Hen is just my place to stash all things DIY, Recipes, Tips & Tricks and more. And when I say more, there will be more because while I’m a Stylist by day (or whatever odd hours I keep), and a Writer by night (okay, once again, weird hours for that one as well), I’m also a wife, mom and well, there’s also all that country livin’ and life — chickens and such.

Whoops! Nearly forgot that Disclaimer!!!

Anything I review, I bought myself. I am not paid. If I got it as a free sample (because sometimes I do get those as a bonus when I order hair supplies for my Salon or as a BzzAgent, I am sent things to try,) then I will say, “I got this free sample.”

If by some squirrelly chance I am given something to review, like a book or such, I will flat out say, “Hey, such and such asked if I’d read or try this out.”

In other words, I’ll be totally honest on what fat I’m chewin’ on and how I got my claws into it.

With all that bein’ said, Welcome to the Crowin’ Hen….. kick back, look around, chill for a spell and hopefully you’ll make yourself at home.


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