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Rabbit Manure and Letting Chickens Churn Your Compost Piles


I read more than a few times that Rabbit waste was what Gardeners called, Liquid Gold. A few sources said there was no reason to treat it like turkey or chicken poo, meaning, no need to let it season for a year. Other sources talk about Compost, creating your own, but having to stir things up every now and again. Well, two things turned me off on that—stirring it up and where the hell was I gonna put a Compost pile? The other day, my chickens and turkeys gave me an idea. So since I have an endless supply of rabbit poo and my chickens and turkeys go potty wherever they stand for whatever amount of time, I’m giving the idea a try. What do I have to lose?

The chickens and the turkeys are always scratching around my Garden. And wherever I toss the rabbit waste—when I clean out their hutches and replace dirty straw—the birds are obsessed with scratch that too. I clean out my rabbit pins once a week. I usually get two wheelbarrows full of straw packed waste. I am taking each and every one and dumping it into the Garden for next year and thanks to my Birds, they are already out there, all day, churning it up. I cant wait to see how this goes for the winter and I cant wait to see how it benefits my garden. Rest assured, I’ll keep everyone updated1



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