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Saving Broth

Thousands of you out there boil chicken before you toss it onto the BBQ. Thousands more throw a pan in the sink and wash all that brown flavor away after sautéing pork loin, chicken or beef.  All that rich, glorious flavor goes right down the drain. All that broth from simmering, marinating or boiling gets tossed over the fence. 
Our people would have NEVER wasted a drop. My Grandmother who grew up during the Depression, learned to make the most out of everything and anything. We waste so much now days– I catch myself doing it too– and all that money being tossed with our waste! 
Next time you marinade, simmer or boil meat, think about Canning the juice. Just strain it or let it cool to remove the fat– however you want it– but don’t waste it. If you don’t want to seal jars then put it in a Ball Jar , leaving a few inches from the top, and freeze it. Or, cool and pour it into a ziplock bag and freeze away. 
Don’t rinse the brown flavor down the drain after you cook pork or whatever else. Use a stainless steel pan, throw some water in after you’re done, put it back on the burner and then use a spatula to bring up what will easily come up. The water will turn dark with all that flavor. Cool, freeze or Can but DONT throw away. This is the heaven that makes awesom gravy or makes a broth scrumptiously rich! Need a kick for stuffing? Here ya go! 
Make the most out of everything. What you don’t need now, use for later.  



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