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Review of Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits by Bob Bennett

storys guideFirst off, let me say no one is paying me to review this book. No one sent me a request for a review, either. I needed a book on Raising Rabbits, so I went looking for one. Storey’s Guide books have been pretty good to me before, which led me to taking a chance on that.

That being said, I was very happy and impressed with this book. Bob Bennett does a great job, having first hand experience, giving information on a ton of must-knows.  Breeds, housing, the business end, meat and show rabbits, illnesses, breeding and more just to name some of what he discusses here.

The thing is, now days, we think we know all we need to know concerning whatever we are into. We are cushioned with the after thought of, if something comes up that I don’t know, I can always Google and find out.

I am not that easy with those kinds of cushions. I like knowing that I have something in paper sitting on a shelf. Something I can grab, highlight, reference to or use for backup in a pinch.

When I made the decision to raise Rabbits, I discovered just how much I had matured. Not saying a bit of a juvenile delinquent still doesn’t exist in the back of my mind, but actually being much different from the younger version of myself—a –rush-in- fly- by- the- seat- of- the- pants- kind- of -girl—I took a few years to really research and think this thing through. That, and, even though my husband is now more addicted to this than I am, it took me that long to actually convince him.

As much research as I did, as many people as I talked to and drove nuts with questions, there was still a universe of information in this book for me to sink my eyes into. I even discovered a Breed of Rabbit that I had not seen or heard of before. A Breed which isn’t very common where I live.

Not only that but it opened my mind to a couple of lines of new income I could tap into that I had no clue about before. It also discusses illnesses, diseases, different types of breeding, and the list just goes on!

In a bit, I’m going to post two bits of info from this book but I recommend to any person interested in Rabbits to go buy a copy yourself. Seriously, it’s that good!


I do want to give a little bit of a warning here, though. This book may not be for everyone. If you are sensitive about rabbits being raised for food, then you may want to skip this book entirely. If you want to “Show” rabbits, or want a “Pet” Rabbit and are easily upset or outraged by anything suggesting how or if a Rabbit is raised for food—DON’T GET THIS BOOK.

That being said, the book does give you some information about “Showing” Rabbits. And, it does give some tips on keeping Rabbits for pets but it does have detailed info on how to clean, cook, and breed Meat Rabbits. Know that going in!




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