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Sugar Cure From Scratch


Here in the South, we are no strangers when it comes to raising hogs. While less and less people seem to do it now days, some of us know nothing else. In fact, if you ever tasted fresh sausage, you’d know exactly why we bother holding onto a tradition deeply rooted in our Past and Present.  And, since we live in an Age where so many of us are trying to make our own, anything, below is a recipe to make your own Sugar Cure.

My Uncle Eddie is the King of Raising Hogs and always will be in my eyes. Come butchering day, the family, or what’s left of us, all goes out to help. My husband helps cut the males when it’s time. He helps cull and hang them. He helps cut up the meat and we all, in some way, play a part because Uncle Eddie doesn’t send his Hogs off to Butcher. In the back of his house, he has a little building. Over the years, he has added equipment as he has found it to make the entire process easier. On one side, the men work up the meat and on our side, I help my Aunt T to wrap it up for the freezer.

They use everything they can of the Hog and even make their own Lard for the coming year. This recipe is dedicated to them because we all know how Uncle Eddie loves his Sugar Cure—and what he makes, he adds to my favorite Green Beans, which I will gladly fight over.

(Makes enough, roughly, for five hogs)

25 Ibs. Courses Salt

20 lbs. Brown Sugar

2 boxes Red Pepper

1/2 box Black Pepper

2 boxes Salt Peter

Mix everything together. If you want it more fine, toss it into a Food Processor. Rub into the Hog meat as needed or until all of it is gone.



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