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Review: LOreal Revitalift Bright Reveal BzzAgent Campaign Draft 

First, I was REALLY excited about this Campaign. What’s a campaign? It’s through BzzAgent. I don’t get paid for these but I do get to try things out things that they think I qualify to try for free. They don’t ship things by the truckload but occasionally, I get an invite to join a Campaign like this one. I jumped for joy when they sent me this product. I mean, FINALLY, something I can try that can be useful to me as a Cosmetologist. Something I can tell my clients about, since I have so many who are near my own age ( I’m almost 43) and some, older. And, Finally, a product that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars and it’s easy to get– no more playing catch up to a certified seller, waiting forever for something to be shipped! You can go to your local shopping center for this stuff! Amazon.

What’s it take?

Two steps in the morning and three at night. I can handle that! Coming from a woman who is a Dove soap junkie and who makes her own skin treatments out of coconut oil and vitamin E. Who rubs oranges on her face when she is feeling age creep up on her or in winter when I need an extra boost.

So see, this was perfect for me because I won’t exactly venture out to the store and pay money on a chance just so it can be wasted on junk that doesn’t work. I am a make-my-own kind of gal. And it has to be working since people tell me I don’t look my age– unless they have been lying…winks

Here goes..:

Started this August 12

Excited but nervous. I don’t like the feeling of having five hundred pounds of gunk on my face.That’s the first thing I am looking for. Will it make me feel icky and oily?

Used the face wash, the peel pad and then, the night cream.

Honestly, I think I look brighter with one go. Even my husband noticed how toned out I was. I do know my face feels smooth– and it doesn’t feel like I have a ton of heavy gunk on it.

Before I go further, you maybe thinking, how do I know what’s good or not? Since I don’t buy these products to begin with. Well, I do have something to compare it to. Years ago when I was in Cosmetology school, they charged my account while making me “try” their facial treatments that they used in the Spa. In other words, I had to pay hundreds of dollars as they forced me to buy the the products they were dishing out. Arbone. That meant, some lucky ladies upstairs were making a killing off free products and cash since we, the students, were the forced buyers and endorsers of it. I wasn’t happy but I went into it with an open mind. It did make a difference but it felt like a ton of gunk on my face. I’d never buy this stuff again. Not on my own. No way was I going to pay hundreds of dollars for something I couldn’t stand having on my face. No way. And I didn’t. Over the years I had to try  other products for facials and such … So I am comparing what the Bzz Campaign sent to me with to that.

Honestly, I’d go with the Loreal. It shrunk my pores. Toned me. Brightened my skin and it didn’t break me out. The night pads were a bit much (l what felt like a slight film), but honestly, I could be happy with the face wash and night serum. I tried just the two and loved it. I saved the Pads to use once a week or so.

The Day Cream, well, it feels like foundation and may leave a bit of a feeling on the skin but its not so much that I can’t stand it. This may come in handy come winter when my skin feels totally dry. All in all, I think its worth the buy.

The Face wash, I didn’t have to gob it on, either. I did half a penny size, so can make that stretch. I rubbed it in, sometimes used my face massage gadget, and let it sit for a minute or so. Rinsed and felt clean, even-toned (that’s an issue with me) and refreshed.

I’m going to recommend this to my clients next time they ask me what they should buy. For those who want to spend a ton on Arbone, go ahead. I feel good about buying this and even though I didnt buy it this go round, I won’t feel like the guilty mom who broke the bank when I do go to the store and restock. LOVE IT!





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