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Rabbits, Baby Chics & Turkeys!


Our Rabbit Hutches are nearly finished. I am painting some protective trim that will go over the edges of the wire – hopefully adding some extra protection in case bear comes by—but the outsides are painted and the rabbits all seem settled in. Currently, we have 6 breeder rabbits and 6 babies.


27 new baby chics arrived today—I am like a kid in a candy store. I decided to go with the Black Australorps which is a great dual purpose bird. For those who don’t know, dual purpose means you can butcher them as well as use them for egg laying. These gals will be for eggs but if ever I need to Cull, and eventually, sadly, we will, I know they wont be wasted. Next year I hope to breed and sell the babies in order to make money back for feed. The feed bills are piling up, lol, but we couldn’t be happier. These animals bring us so much joy.


I am also in heaven because we FINALLY got some turkey poults!!!! The mixed colors above are Bourbon Reds and the white are Royal Palm. I have no idea what I have. We had to buy them in Straight Run but I am praying my Royal Palms are a breeding pair and that I have at least one male and some hens out of the other. Again, I hope to begin incubating next year to make money back so we can put it towards feed and fencing. There are a lot of people around me mixing breeds and selling them. I don’t know why but this just bothers me so. Maybe it’s a fear that we will lose our heritage breeds or maybe I am opposed of reinventing the wheel without true purpose. So this is my way to make a little extra cash to take care of all these animals plus preserve what is—keeping it as is.

We have meat turkeys coming in August that will be kept long enough to go into our freezers for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trying out the Broad Breasted Bronze for that adventure.

Needless to say, I am tons to blog about but I am staying busy. Very Busy. I love it.



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