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The Scoop from the Coop : O Cedar Mop & Bucket

First, let me say that I am not affiliated with OCedar in any way. They are not paying me. I actually paid them when I bought the dang bucket and mop. I’m goin’ to link one time to the productRIGHT HEREand that’s it. That’s actually their official site. Now, all that bein’ said, let me CROW about it!!!!

easy_wring_updated-274x277Mind is blown and it was the best $30.00 I have paid on any sort of Mop or Bucket. I was hesitant. Won’t lie. I walked around Wallyworld (Walmart) for an hour back and forth on whether or not I would buy the dang thing. I mean, when you budget, thirty bucks is a wod of cash. That’s a whole lot of chicken when its on sale for .89 cent a pound, or that’s an extra birthday present since my youngest son will be 13 this Tuesday. Most of you know what I’m talkin’ bout and you totally get my drift.

My problem, though, has been ongoin’ ever since my husband laid our linoleum floors. For about five years now, I mop, and the stupid things don’t dry clear. They are cloudy or show footprints or just look as if I didn’t mop at all. Yes, I have animals and yes I have kids AND a husband—so Im sure the insane amounts of traffic doesn’t help. Still, Ive been on a hell-bent and driven quest to figure this mess out. I mop every single day, so for the floors to look as if I didn’t, really mucks with my Virgo. Know what I mean? And I can’t stand a cloudy lookin’ floor. Drives me clean out of my own head.

I have tried every frickin’ homemade remedy out there on the internet, too. I tried the drop of Dawn in the bucket of water or the squirt bottle made up of water and alcohol. I have tried peroxide and Washing Soda and essential oils. I have tried it all. Every single one is recommended for linoleum floors and not a single one solved my problems. Years ago, I tried waxing them—biggest damn mistake of my life. Took me forever and a whole lot of sweat to clean the suckers with ammonia – to scrub the hell out of them to bring that wax off. Never again.

IMG_4925Lowes, where we bought our flooring, offered some special mop and solution which would cost me eighty bucks. They said it would last me a year but I didn’t think they understood the fact that I mop every day and sometimes several times – I have pets and when it rains or the weather is yucky, and even though we wipe their feet, they still muck up the floors. So, wasn’t takin’ the chance on that.

I bought a Swiffer Mop and while that’s okay, it still leaves a cloudiness on my floor and shows streaks, paw prints and foot prints. I bought the Ocedar brand of Swiffer, with the reusable mopping pads changing them per room—same deal. Convenient and a big money saver—since I didn’t have to keep buying the Swiffer pads, but same disappointin’ deal. Streaks, cloudiness, foot and paw prints.

The only thing I found that would work was, a little bit of ammonia in water and then after I mopped, I had to slide a towel around with my feet to dry the floors off as best I could. That’s the only way—an exhausting way—I could figure out how to do it without all the cloudiness left behind.

Anywho, this weekend, I took the chance and bought this mop and bucket at Wallyworld. I had seen the “As Seen on TV” brand on TV but every time I buy one of those, “As Seen on TV”– anything, it’s a piece of crap. Needless to say, I didn’t “call to place my order now” at anytime.

Came home, took my mop out of the bucket, put it all together. Filled the bucket with hot water and put about 1/4 cup of Lemon Ammonia in it. Started moppin’ my floors.


Ok, so, first off, if any of you have Linoleum, you know you’re not supposed to put a bunch of water on it to begin with. I’m guilty of that even with my towel method. The Ocedar mop actually spins out all of the water—without putting your hands in it. That part is totally legit and not a “get your hopes up” scam. Can you see the little foot lever in the pic? You spin the mop with your foot. Talk about easy!

That means it dries fast. In fact, as you can see in the picture, by the time I finished one half of the floor, the other half was dry!!!!!


And guess what, when it dried, no cloudiness, no streaks, and even walkin’ through barefoot—NO PRINTS. And while my floor wasn’t a super shiny kind, it did have some and I can actually see it again.

I haven’t tried the mop on ceramic tile because we haven’t put ours down yet. (A lot of buildin’ on and summer projects goin’ on this year). I can’t wait to see how the mop head holds up to that but honestly, it seems rather sturdy AND you can buy replacements, which is rather cool, I think.

So again, I am not selling these and if you click the link, I don’t get any points. I didn’t buy Stock in the company or any of that. I just tried it after buyin’ it with my own money and for now, I’d have to say it is an investment that is well worth it. If you try it, let me know what you think. For me, for now, I am in looooooove!



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