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Pekins 2 Weeks Later : Baby Ducks Are Lots of Work!

So on March 12th, 2016, I took off towards Deerfield to nab myself some baby ducks. Read all about that and more information concerning the breed I got, HERE.

2cacae63626e91d6887608bf51217907Here it is, almost two weeks later, and I’m here to tell ya folks, I have worked my butt off! There have been no days off. Not one. If I leave for the entire day and come back, my bathroom reeks of ducky- poo, which let me say right now, isn’t adorable nor does it smell of dandelions.

Compared to baby chics, I am putting in twice, if not three times the work. Makes me wish I had a building or barn—to keep them out there. Right now, because I don’t have a building or barn, I’m keeping them in the bathroom—mine, since I have the most room there. Within’ a week of having them, I divided them up between two totes. Some are larger than others and between the mess, I wanted to make sure the itty-bitty babies were getting’ as much food and water as the giant ones.

Honestly, I was also hoping this would mean I wouldn’t have to change the wood chips out twice a day. Wrong. I do. Now I have to do it in two totes but at least now, I can get into the evening without the bathroom smellin’ like a poultry house. That bein’ said, if you know someone who cuts wood, might want to ask them to save their shavings. I am spending a lot of money on those at Tractor Supply. My ten ducklings are going through about a bag every two and a half days.

I usually have to give both totes fresh water several times a day, too.They burn through that and also get it mucky with food. They need help eating the crumbles so use the water – also, burnin’ through food as well. The bigger ones eat more but they devour a lot.


So, here are some screen shots of the Pekin, nearly two weeks later.


They are very skittish, too, which is odd since the kids hold and cuddle them a lot. I even try to hold them and they see me constantly giving them fresh water and food. That doesn’t seem like enough to earn their trust, though. lol. It will be interesting to see if they warm up to us once they are outside with the chickens. See, the chickens, or some of them were skittish of us, too, at first. Then, we put them outside and now many of them sit on our laps or come a’runnin’ the minute I open the door. Would be nice if the ducklings turned out like that, as well.




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