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We’re Talkin’ Basil

Alright, all my Hericidal Hen,

Today, we’re talkin’ Basil. So plop a squat, kick up the feet, whatever, just chill.

My favorite herb to add when I’m tryin’ to type somethin’ up for Herbicidal Hens are the ones that are easy to get. While I have a pretty impressive Seasonin’ Cabinet, (if I say so myself), I really don’t work with Herbs I can’t grow, can’t hunt and find myself, or can’t, well, easily, get my hands on. Meanin’, if I have to drive to ten buck two, I’m not gonna use the Herb and I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I buy them offline yet—except for things like Frankincense. So in spirit of that, today, we are gonna talk about Basil. If you don’t have it, you can easily grow it. Can easily find it. Its some pretty common stuff.

One of the most interestin’ things I dug up about Basil was actually some mountain-lore. The story goes, if someone wanted to diet, Basil could help them do that but NOT if the they know about it. If you know a guy or gal who wants to lose a few pounds, all you have to do is secretly place some basil beneath their plate. The ol’timers used to say, they wont be able to eat a bite if you do. Curiously enough, that’s partially true from an herbalist standpoint. Basil Seeds can be used in a drink – with water —to stimulate hunger. You will have to use a plant you grow yourself and allow to blossom. Collect the Seeds from those. Seeds done commercially have chemicals on them. At least this is what I’ve read. So, no mountain-lore about it, simply let a tablespoon of the seeds soak a bit in some water and drink.

As far as foods go, basil is a flavor enhancer. It also aids in Digestion. Basil is an antispasmodic. Herbalists use it to sooth muscle spasms, intestinal problems, motion sickness, flatulence, induce sleep and can treat nausea.


Now, while the seeds can be used to stimulate hunger, eating Basil itself can increase appetite and the flow of bile—which is why it aids with digestion.

Flies & Mosquitos do not like Basil’s scent. So growing it can help keep those things away.

The different types of Basil are: Sweet & Dwarf Basil. Red, Cinnamon, lemon and anise Basil.




Some Basil Recipes for Healing


Basil Snuff

  • One can make a fine snuff out of dried Basil. Snorting it is said to offer relief from respiratory diseases. Basil can help clear nose passages and rid of bacteria that can cause diseases.

Basil Wine : Used for Digestion

  • Steep a small bunch of basil in a bottle of your favorite bottle of white wine for 24 hours. Strain. Store wine in the refrigerator and drink 4 ounces after meals.

Basil Tea : Used for Irritated & Inflamed Bladder & Kidneys

  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of fresh basil and 2 teaspoons of Birch leaves. Let steep for ten minutes. Drink 3 times a day between meals until symptoms are gone.



Want to know what else the Granny Women and Mountain Mommas used to say?


  • Carry Basil leaves in your pocket to attract wealth or hang some on the door of a business or in a cash register to attract customers.
  • Basil is used to keep Goats away from one’s property (Not sure how that would work.
  • Anyone got a Goat so we can test this out?) Give Basil as a housewarming gift and it will bring luck to a new home. It also brings a home protection.




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2 thoughts on “We’re Talkin’ Basil

    1. Best way to grow Basil is warmer weather and set the pots outside– at least for me. I’ve never had luck doing it in the Winter, inside.


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