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It’s The End of the World as We Know It…

It’s a depressing and scary time to be alive, isn’t it? Back in the day, all we really had to worry about was what our Hair Spray might do to the Ozone layer and then of course, never talking to strangers or all the other tiny tidbits Momma loved to warn us about. Most of which, never really happened. Still, we may forget our keys and half of what we need to go out the door with,  but because of Momma, we will never leave home with a pair of dirty underwear on.

Now days, though, filthy bloomers and being caught in them is nothing like turning on the News. The News is like a Horror movie we can’t shut down. Every second something horrific is happening– people bombing nursing homes, shooting up schools, Military Recruitment Centers, riots in the streets, a war on Police Officers, Planned Parenthood murder scenes….

And it’s not like all these things are far, far away. The threat has even hit home….

Couple nights ago, our schools and their safety hit social media no thanks to our local media and papers.I opened the newspaper  this morning and lo’ and behold, there’s an article warning “small” towns of terror. Small towns are easy targets, I wish they never said.

Turn on Fox news and they are telling us all to arm ourselves. Turn on CNN and they are telling us we are crazy to be so paranoid. Turn on the President’s latest Speech—okay, not real sure what to make of that or him anymore. Every time I hear him make words, it sounds like the Adults on Charlie Brown, “Wha, wha, wha, wha, wha.”

And no one is standing together or meeting on common ground. If you show caution, people attack you for being controlled by fear. If you don’t show caution, then you are attacked for being to trustworthy and risking innocent lives with your blind ignorance. If you are Muslim, you are slumped into a stereotype of evil and if you are Christian, you are told you aren’t Christian enough if you don’t believe in letting helpless Syrian’s in and if you’re a gun owner, you are told the Government is coming after those guns—while also being blamed for every death in all the world. If you are White, then you are racist and if you are crying racist, then you are a racist. Up in down, white is black, nothing makes sense anymore.

It’s a – damned—if—you—do—and—a—damned—if—you—don’t—era. A Politically Correct –who—knows—what—the—hell—you-can—say—anymore—nightmare. They would have us fighting over flags, guns, religion, and whatever else. By THEY, I mean, whoever the hell because I sure as hell don’t know anymore. Do you?

Do I really think it’s the end of the world? No. I’m not a doomsdayer but REM’s song repeats endlessly in my overworked mind every time I go online, turn on the news or enter some Mom and Pop store where a circle of old timers are heeding a million warnings. I dig those old timers, who are often more right than wrong. They’ve seen more. They’ve experienced and lived through more and they have a knack for calling it for what it is. Still, where are we headed, Old Timers? They don’t even know or maybe their revelations are too dim for me to comprehend. I do know this….

No one trusts the Politicians and no one trusts the Media. No one trusts anyone or anything anymore. Who are what do we believe?



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