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Household Tips & Tricks #2


50s-housewife-experiment#1. Speed up the baking time on a baked potato by fifteen minutes by sticking a nail down the center before popping the spud into the oven.

#2. Boil potatoes in salt water for ten minutes before baking which also speeds up the cooking time.

Now,  let’s get down to some cleaning….

#3. Mix up peroxide and cream of tarter for a tub that is plagued with stains. If the stains are tough, mix in a little ammonia to the paste and let soak.

#4. 1/2 cup of Mineral Spirits and a shaved bar of Naphtha Soap mixed into a bucket of hot water is perfect for an old porcelain tub.

#4.Want to add some shine back to that tub, faucet or tile? Wax and polish on some Turtle Wax.

#5.Lemon juice is great against stains. If it’s a deep and dark stain, mix it up with some borox. Back in the day, they say a paste of that is even great on rust!

#6. Salt and turpentine will brighten up any bathtub that is leaning towards the yellow side.

#7. To prevent your shower curtain from mildew, wash in salt water. Then, hang to dry.

#8. Back in the day, before air fresheners were sold by the truck load, women who wanted a nice scent in the bathroom, would dab a little perfume on the light bulb. Once someone turned on the light, the heat released the scent.

#9. This one proves they had a use for everything! If bathroom fixtures are looking rather dull, ladies would dab an old rag into some Kerosene. It removed scum and crud easily and before long, the smell would evaporate.

#10. Love this one…. Last but not least, if you over furniture and it has flattened the carpet, no worries, just grab the Iron! use the steam setting and hold it over the spot. Then, take a hair brush or scrub brush and go at it with some elbow grease. Flat carpet be gone!




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