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Bacon, Kale & Onions Recipe

I’ve been making this one quite a bit because my husband, eighteen year old son,  and I absolutely love it.  So, because of that,  I decided to post the recipe. I don’t have a picture yet of the actual finished dish, but I will be VERY thorough with the instructions. Let me know if you try it – how you changed it up, and whether or not you liked it.

Spirit behind the recipe– People seem to be on a “kale” nutritional bandwagon as of late. Everywhere I look, people are using Kale.  Growing up, Kale or Collard Greens would cook all day in a pot with some sort of fat back, side meat or Ham hock. We’d eat it in a bowl with vinegar.

I wanted to adapt the recipe into something somewhat quicker but keep the flavors my family love. I also wandered if I could save some of the nutritional value of Kale by not cooking it all day. Here’s hoping I have. if not, it’s still good anyway.


Pack of Bacon (Your choice—thin or thick sliced.)

Large Onion (Vandalia or any that are Sweet)

Bunched Kale (An entire bunch sold in any grocery store. They usually sell a good bit already bunched up in a twist tie.)

Salt & Pepper to taste.

What you will need:

I use a stainless steel fry pan. You can use cast iron but whatever you use, it needs a lid.



Cut your slab of sliced Bacon in half, Right down the middle so that they are not the full length. Layer it in your pan and don’t worry about laying it on top of each other. Fry it up. I throw a little salt and pepper on it while it’s frying.

Note: If you want your bacon pieces smaller—go for it.


While your bacon is browning up, cut your onions. Slice em thin or thick. I cut mine thick. Set em to the side. Then, grab your Kale. Pull the leaves off of the stems and break the leaves up to bite size or a little bigger. Toss em in a strainer and rinse—allowing the water to drain away while we do the rest of the stuff.


Note: You don’t want the stems because again, we are not cooking the Kale all day.

Now, once your bacon is good and brown, you can do one of two things. you can either pull it out and drain it – adding it back in the end, right before serving so that the bacon stays crispy —or — keep it in there so that it stays brown, flavors up everything else even more so, but will become more tender. I keep mine in.

I drain most of the fat from the pan leaving only about 1/4 cup. If you are wanting to go an even healthier route, take out more. If you don’t care about that sort of thing, leave more.

After you decide that, add your onions. Now, I don’t like my onions soft or mushy. I like them kind of firm, so I only sauté mine in the bacon and fat till clear. The bacon brings out their sweetness but I don’t want to lose that, so I don’t cook em till good and dead, lol. You cook yours how you like.

Last, add the Kale.  The kale, being raw, will usually over flow the pan. That’s where the lid comes in. Shove it all in then push the lid on top of it. In a matter of minutes, the heat will wilt the Kale down. It’s not much different than raw spinach. Once the kale is wilted and sautéed up with the rest, you can pull it off the heat and serve. Again, you are not cooking it all day and the amount of time this takes, depends on your temp. It shouldn’t take more than fifteen or twenty minutes, though.

If you took out your fried bacon, add it back before serving. Salt and Pepper again, to taste.

This is a real simple side but can easily be a meal. Bacon is about the only thing that can get costly – what’s with those dang bacon prices???—but that can be avoided as well. Find your bacon on sale, or marked down, then freeze it. Just thaw it out before you need it.

Again, let me know if you try this – how ya like it or if you thought of another way to change it up!






(Wanna pass it along? Share my recipes all you want, just please toss a link back for credit. Thanks so much!)




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