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Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar

When you work in a Salon, whispering to your client a home cure for hair build up is a big, fat no-no! I can’t tell you how many times I got in trouble for that one. My manager would say (scolding me), “You need to recommend one of our products for that.” I understood her point. They wanted my product sales up but I also didn’t believe in spending a fortune for something that one of my clients could find in her kitchen cabinet. Some clients loved buying product and for them, I gave them what they wanted. But others, well, I think they appreciated me more for throwing a natural tip at them every now and again. So, I did. I am supposed to offer up advice on hair and beauty based on what I believe in. At least that’s what helps me sleep at night. So guess what? I don’t work for anyone but me now and there is one tip for hair that I grew up on, firmly believe in, and still do to this day.


For those who want some natural, chemical-free, cost-friendly beauty tips, check this out . . .

Build up on your hair? Take some apple cider vinegar and give yourself a rinse. Don’t worry about smelling like a pickle. The smell will evaporate as the hair dries. And oh, how soft and shiny your hair shall be. You’ll love it. I do this one myself. So I speak from experience.

Do you have a problem with swimmer’s ear? Again, I do this one myself. After swimming or showering, clean the ear with vinegar. It will neutralize, kill bacteria, and restore the PH level of the ear.

Now, the next ones I haven’t tried. I found them while researching but I’m putting them here because yes, I will be giving them a go. I am on a mission to remove some of the store-bought items from my life and replace them with more natural ones.

Need a natural mouth wash? Mix some with water. Swish! Swish! Swish! And you have something that kills germs and nasty ol’ breath because of the natural antiseptic within.

Dab psoriasis with it and it knocks out inflammation. Add some to a bath and it draws out toxins. Sunburn? Drench yourself with vinegar. It won’t prevent sunburn but it will help heal things up and prevent that nasty ol’ peeling. Use as a toner too. I am trying this one out today. Need to wash the floor, kill germs but have no residue left behind? Vinegar. Give the dogs a rinse as well. This helps with so many skin problems. I have a Miniature Schnauzer whose skin breaks out over the slightest dirt. Sometimes even sensitive dog shampoos give him a fit. So I rinse him in vinegar. No more problems. I’m told fleas hate it, too.

Vinegar is an awesome thing. We already know that it goes medieval on molds and such. We use it to preserve our harvests and to fight back bacteria. Word is, the best to use must fall under these three words: Organic. Raw. Unfiltered.

Now I haven’t gone that far, yet, but I am thinking about trying it out.

Do you know any tips with Vinegar? If so, throw them my way!



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