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Household Tips & Tricks #1


Now, here goes  my first volume of tips and tricks. 4ZYMG00ZI’ll do ten this time around. Some of these, you will probably use. Some, you will probably giggle at if nothing else. I mean, in this day and age, not all will apply, but it will give us an appreciation of the day to day personal battles those ladies had to battle up against.

1. Did you know, back in the day, to help our dedicated and determined  ladies, who took their housewife role very seriously,  score that beautiful golden brown color on their fried chicken, they used to put a few drops of yellow food coloring into the shortening or oil once heated?

2. Having problems frying your chicken? Keeping the flour on and from not flaking off? Word is, the ladies used to stick their floured pieces in the fridge for a few hours before actually frying. This helped the flour “attach” itself to the bird more productively.

e79c4159f3746e8d1928083adb64611e3. How in the world did those ladies get that big, old bird from the roaster to the platter in one piece? Why, no Thanksgiving table would be respectable without a picture perfect, golden brown turkey didn’t sit before the man of the house, just waiting to be carved! But how did it get there? No utensil could hold together that thing helping a woman to transport it from roaster to plate piping hot! Rubber Gloves is the tip I found from a manual dating back to the seventies. Rubber Gloves!

4. Want a simpler way of adding salt and pepper to a pot? hate having to grab two containers? Never know if you are adding too much of one and not enough of another? Mix up one container with both! That’s right. Mix a ratio of  at least 3/4 cup of salt with 1/4 cup of pepper. With that amount, you should be good to go!

5. Did you goof and get that soup, stew or whatever too salty? Don’t freak out! The ladies from back in the day knew a trick to that one too. Just throw in some cut up potatoes. They will absorb the salt. Just remove before you serve and no one will ever know!

6. Is your lettuce wilting? Perk that stuff up by mixing up a bit of lemon juice to a bowl of cold water. Soak the lettuce in it for about an hour in the fridge and wallah! No more limp lettuce for you!

7. Onion, oh onion, why do your brown and rot up on us onions? Not anymore. Wrap your onions in foil and they will last for what may seem like forever.

8. I love this one Laughing out loud. . . . . . . . 

Is that hen you are trying to stew up an  old bird? No worries. If you soak her in vinegar for a few hours before cooking, she will taste like a spring chicken.

9. Are your mashed taters soggy? Don’t throw em in the trash just yet! Add some powdered milk! Not only will it take the soggy bottom far, far away but it will also make them taters the fluffiest anyone has ever seen!

10. Sick and tired of moisture ruining the salt in your salt shakers? Here’s a simple trick. Add uncooked rice to the salt. The rice absorbs the moisture and keeps your salt dry and shaking free.

Hope you enjoyed these. Until next time….




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