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Makin’ Chicken Scratch Out of Politics & the Media

I TELL MY NEICES how important it is to vote. My daughter is only ten but I constantly remind her of how blessed she is. After all, her father won’t be trading her to some man  for some hogs, a goat and twenty chickens. Mountaineers-Mountain-WomenWhen she kicks up a fuss and speaks her mind, no one will beat her down for stepping out of her place. That’s because all the women who came before her, fought and suffered so that she and I would have such rights. I remind my nieces of the same thing. They actually have a choice of what they want to be or want to do with their lives… their fate isn’t decided for them because of the gender they were born too. They aren’t chained to stove. Their mouths are not silenced. They don’t have to birth out a hundred babies.

We are also blessed to live in a world where information is just a mouse-click away. With a few taps on a keyboard, we can easily access a wealth of words concerning Political Giants and Current Events. Of course, we have to be weary, as they say, because not everything we read on the internet is true.

What you don’t hear them say, though, is, not everything we hear through Mainstream Media can be considered absolute truth either.

What absolutely amazes me is how bluntly obvious that is now days and yet how completely ignored.

For instance, I have been doing my absolute best to follow all of the Political Candidates for 2016 – Republicans and Democrats – even though I don’t consider myself either one. Even if I don’t like someone, I want to know what they stand for, what they stand against, what have they done in their past and what they plan to do for the future.

Oh sure, occasionally, you will hear me slam the lid to my laptop and stomp away frustrated but that used to be over closed-mindedness or crookedness done by some Political demi-God. Now a days I don’t even have a chance to do it over one of them—now a days, I’m slamming lids over our Mainstream Media and how even though people are complaining about what I’m seeing – meaning, they see it too—no one can seem to find a way to do a damn thing about it.

I’m sure what I am talking about seems dusty and unclear, so let me give an example—a direct example. Something that perhaps, we have all heard about whether we follow Politics or not.

Ben Carson and his opinion concerning Guns, Jews, the Holocaust and Hitler. In short, Ben Carson, who is running for President, stated in an interview that he believed if more Jews had guns then Hitler wouldn’t have had such an easy time bringing harm to them – maybe the holocaust wouldn’t have happened or Hitler wouldn’t have been able to make it happen so easily. These are not Ben’s exact words. I am using my own to get down to the gist of things. Mr. Carson says that History shows us that the first thing a Dictatorship like Hitler does, is disarm the people. They don’t want the general population owning guns because once they remove guns, there is no way for people to fight back.

I’ve been following Carson for sometime now—he and many, many, many others. I also know where he is coming from concerning the guns, Hitler and the Jews. Meaning, it makes sense to me. What I didn’t see coming or what doesn’t make sense is how the Mainstream Media ran with it and how they misreported every word. I am talking big Media outlets that didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were taking Mr. Carson’s words out of context. I mean, they would show a video of him saying what he actually said but then right underneath Media would print, in words, something completely off the wall. And what’s worse, I read conversations, discussion upon discussion of how some people would roll with Media’s lie while others typed in loud caps, “DIDN’T ANYONE WATCH THE VIDEO? THAT IS NOT WHAT HE SAID AT ALL!!!!”

We live in an age where people are sued all the time or hung out to dry for lack of fact-checking and yet all the finger-pointers are not checking their own facts. We have big name Media brands intentionally neglecting to not even bother. And what’s worse, they are using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to really run wild. Everyone knows, rarely, if ever, do people click and read articles. They will see and read a tagline and then scan a few comments and then that will be their bases for forming an opinion on what its all about. Media Brands have seemed to figure this out and they are using it to their advantage.

The other day, I was cutting someone’s hair and they were outraged because Trump had said something. After listening to their rant, I asked, “How did you hear about that?” They said, “They were talking about it at Church.” I got my phone and Googled. A Video came up. Together, we watched the exact footage. He didn’t say anything like she had heard.

Ever hear the saying, there are three sides to every story?

  1. What he said.
  2. What she said.
  3. The Truth.

That seems to apply to Current Events now. Those who are on TV Shows, Talk Shows, who are writing articles and reporting or giving an opinion, seem to forget that they have a responsibility to get the facts – get the facts straight—before throwing it out there for us to hear. This new tactic of feeding their own agendas should be outlawed and forbidden.

We, the viewers, have a responsibility to dig a little deeper – to find out for ourselves—and to no longer just take someone’s word for it. Because we can’t take anyone’s word for it anymore. We simply can’t. We can no longer take big named Reporter’s word for it, who works for big Media Brand networks. We cant take their word for it no more than we can believe who Aunt Bertha saw creepin’ round the next door neighbor’s backdoor last night.

And we need to make sure the younger generation learn that lesson as well and know exactly how important paying attention to what goes on outside their own personal social bubble is. Women, no matter what generation, owe it to themselves to form an opinion based on their own research—not because its what their husbands say or what the Preacher says. Men owe it to themselves to Google something instead of just going along what the guys at Bowling Night spat off. And even more important, we all need to go beyond what the six o’clock news reports because its all too obvious that someone there is purposely getting it wrong.

That’s just my two cents and a whole lot of chicken scratch!





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