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We’re Crowin’ bout BIC #2 Pencil Extra-FUN


PencilsAs a BzzAgent, I was sent, BIC #2 Pencil Extra-FUN, to try and Review. As you can see, these pencils are made to catch someone’s eye. To test this out, I tossed them into a pile of other pens and pencils I had already bought for the kids — those dreaded school supplies— ugh! Immediately, my daughter zeroed in.

But let’s get down to the Scoop from the Coop, shall we?





“What does the product claim and did it pan out?”

The pencils are two toned which to kids like my daughter, who ten, makes using them a bit more fun. That delivered. She is still drawing and writing with them with absolutely no complaint.

Supposedly, they are ultra-solid and the lead won’t break. Not true. While the lead itself seems to be Superman-strong, the actual wood holding them is a bit weak.


Latex-free erasers and easy to erase — actually, the pencil was easy to erase and erased clean and with ease.

how do I erase

Durable and long-lasting Lead— this held up. While the lead itself isn’t as dark as what I had hoped, it does last quite a bit and so do the erasers. This comes in handy for any Adult who hates having to sharpen pencils for the kids every five seconds.

how do i write

Certified Non-Toxic — I can’t lay claims to that one. I wasn’t going to eat it just to see if I dropped dead shortly after. Winks

Some bonuses . . .

They’re made from recycled plastics. It’s always nice to have a guilt free buy. There is a “Points” clip on the back— 1 point for your school— Labels for Education.

Casey Harris

Disclaimer: I am not a paid endorser or this product. I am a BzzAgent. As a BzzAgent, I am sent products to Review. I am not being paid for those Reviews.



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