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Starting Out: Goals and Things to Consider

funny-chick-frizz-feather-chickenChances are, at least I hope, you’re going to research chickens and get a good idea of what you want based on your goals, where you live, and what you can handle.

If you’re just wantin’ a Pet, then you might want to research the temperament of different breeds — Will they be a lap bird or will they run like hell every time they set eyes on ya?

If you’re wantin’ eggs, then research breeds as far as laying goes. Some birds will lay once a day while others, every few. What egg size are you looking for? Extra-large, Large, Medium or Small. What color? Brown, Cream, White, Speckled? There is are even Green, Pink and Blue eggs.

And look, just because you want eggs, doesn’t mean you can’t luuuuuurve you some chickens, too. My girls make me smile even on the days nothin’ else can. I have serious birds, spookish birds, dingy birds and flat out crazy birds.

Other things you should look into, check out how well certain breeds do as far as temperature. For example, I live in the mountains of Virginia and while our winters aren’t as brutal as Alaska’s’, I didn’t want birds dropping dead from the cold. Some birds are cold tolerant while other birds can’t handle it at all. Also, keep in mind that whatever temps come and go in your area, you may or may not need a heating lamp for the inside of your coop.

Next, can you have chickens where you live? If you live in a subdivision, well, you will have to check out the city codes and such. If you have neighbors, are they gonna cause you problems? Do they have dogs that get loose or will they kick up a fuss if one of your chickens ends up in their garden?

Now, there are lots of other things to look at — so many, I had to divide them up into different articles — but above, that’s just the basics. Deciding why you want Chickens, and then what kinds of Chickens, and even if you can have Chickens, will keep you busy enough . . . for now. Not to mention temperature, egg colors and sizes. After you get all that decided and under control, come back to read some of the other articles.

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